Our Story

Hello, I’m Liberty mama of 3 gorgeous boys and founder at The Little House Of Rainbows.I’m the one who designs, makes and packs each of our creations sprinkling a little touch of magic in each.
 We started in 2020 after just having my youngest son during the first lockdown. When I began I could of never imagined this would turn into a business. I thought I’d be lucky to sell one rainbow. I began making rainbows as a sign of hope for my little ones and shortly after other people were asking me to make something for their babys Aswel and The Little house of rainbows was born.

I hope our designs bring magic to your homes and help your little ones to make their own fairytales. When the time comes and they’ve outgrown the carefully crafted treasures you pick here at TLHOR, I hope you’ll keep each one as a precious reminder of the magic moments you shared as they grew and a tiny reminder about 2020 and how it changed our world, how it changed our mindset to never take anything for granted, how it taught us that it’s not just about us & how it changed our habits of a lifetime.

Lots of love 


Founder of The Little House Of Rainbows