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The Little House Of Rainbows

Bella the ballerina print: available in pink/lilac

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Ballerina themed children’s nursery ideas. Our sweet ballerina prints make the perfect gifts for the little dancers in your life. Available in pink and purple to suit your different interiors, our art is designed to inspire imaginations and fill your kids rooms with fascinating spaces that invite play and creativity. Magical ballerina art for kids who love to dance and sing.

Introducing Bella the ballerina

Eyes like the ocean, and locks of bright gold, she’s the star of the show, or so I’m told! A little girl with hopes and big dreams, she’s elegant and disciplined, and stronger than she seems! She loves to leap and bound and spin, for someday she hopes she just might win. But as hard as she works, and practices and tries, she knows that fun is the truest prize.

Hand-drawn with love by Australian artist Shannon Berg. You’ll fall in love with its stunning quality. Choose your preferred size and paper and dazzle the little ballerina in your life.

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