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The Little House Of Rainbows

Dex the dragon- sleeping print

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This sweet baby dragon sure knows how to make the kids smile! But just like our children, sometimes he gets tired from all that playing, insert- moon nap!

Dex the dragon was one of the first characters in our Isla Dream collection and holds a very special place in our hearts! We are so very excited to bring him back with a new look and hope your little dreamers adore him as much as the original!

Creating a whimsical bedroom for your child has never been easier with so many stylish pieces available on the market.

All Isla Dream prints and wall decals are designed and printed in Australia using the highest quality materials. Add some magic to your kids rooms today and watch your children treasure their special spaces for many years to come. ✨ 

Here’s a little friend who thinks he’s T Rex, But he’s not actually a dinosaur, he’s a dragon named Dex. With milky white spots and a very soft ROAR, it’s hard not to love him, we hope you adore. 🥰 

Hand-drawn with love by Australian artist Shannon Berg. You’ll fall in love with this prints stunning quality. Choose your preferred size and paper and start creating the bedroom your little dreamer will remember forever.