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The Little House Of Rainbows

Mila the unicorn print

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Magical unicorn art for little girls rooms. Your princess will adore her hand embellished glittery unicorn horn and dreamy features. 

If you look long enough, you’ll see Mila, the sweetest unicorn to enchant the forest. With a twinkle in her eye and a butterfly on her nose, she will always stop to smell your fragrant rose.

Hand-drawn with love by Australian artist Shannon Berg. You’ll fall in love with its stunning quality. Choose your preferred size and paper and start creating a comforting and magical bedroom for your little one today.

Bonus tip: Mila adores flouncing the forest with Crysta the fairy (available in print). If you would like to hang two pictures together for more impact these two make the perfect pair! Just be sure to order our Mila print to face LEFT for a perfect match as she is available in both directions.