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The Little House Of Rainbows

Ollie the octopus print

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Unique hand drawn sea animal prints and wall decals for kids. Bring your child’s room to life with our magical collection of adorable ocean friends! Create a gender neutral nautical/ underwater themed bedroom your child will love for many years to come!

Ollie the octopus is sweet, shy and a little misunderstood. He looks a little strange, but he’d love to frolic with you if he could. You should never judge a book by its cover, give Ollie a chance and he’ll be your best friend forever. 

Hand-drawn with love by Australian artist Shannon Berg. You’ll fall in love with its stunning quality. Choose your preferred size and paper and start creating the bedroom your perfect little one will love and remember forever.

Note: Ollie the octopus is great friends with Kai the sea turtle and Brutus the shark. Create an underwater gallery wall with all 3 for your little one to remember forever!