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The Little House Of Rainbows

Posy flowers- Fabric Wall Decals

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Fun floral wall decal packs to bring your kids walls to life! Available in two on trend colour packs: Nice and Hamptons!

Welcome to our Posy Collection! Filled with all the mixed floral goodness of a Hamptons & Nice Posy! Hand painted in stunning colours to make your little one space sing!

Available in on trend colours; earthy Nice or soft & pretty Hamptons. We hope you love our posy! 

Our Hamptons Posy is made in the stunning tones that suit a Hamptons style home! A mix of cool and warm pinks, blues, lavenders, Navy & Mustard.

The Nice Posy Set is made up of: 
26 Floral elements ranging form 15 cm to 5 cm

Our Nice Posy is made in the stunning tones that suit that boho, rattan or earthy style! A mix of pinks, nudes, purples, bones, peach, bronze & Mustard.