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The Little House Of Rainbows

Sid the harp seal print: available in pink/grey

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Looking for Artic themed wall prints for children? Premium wall decor for little ones in love with ice and snow. Captivate and ignite their imaginations by creating an artic theme in the bedroom to keep their thoughts alive at night.

Say hello to, Sydney the harp seal, (known affectionately as Sid). Playing with other seals is quite fun, but Sid also likes to have a full tum. Quite the competitor, he holds the record for most fishsicles eaten in one minute, and can hold his breath for 15 minutes!

Hand-drawn with love by Australian artist Shannon Berg. You’ll fall in love with its stunning quality. Choose your preferred size and paper and start creating the bedroom your little dreamer will treasure.

Bonus tip: Sid is great friends with Foster the polar bear, Romeo the baby penguin and Prince the snow leopard. Grab all the friends and create an artic gallery.